1. KONCAR Distribution & Special Transformers (D&ST) / Croatia:          

(Pre-qualified in  ADWEA &  GASCO)                              



         Oil – immersed distribution transformers, up to 36 kV and 2500 kVA.

         Dry – type transformers, up to 24 kV and 5000 kVA.

         Power transformers, up to 170 kV and 63 MVA.

         Special transformers.


2. KONCAR SKLOPNA / Croatia:



         Motors (Normal).

         Motors (Hazardous area, Explosion Proof).

         Switch Gear Assembly (Explosion Proof).

         Circuit Breakers.

         Control Panels.

         Sub-Stations Transformers.


3. Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) / Germany: 



         On Load Tap Changers (OLTCs): OILTAP & VACUTAP

                    Maintenance & Manufacture.

                    Technical Assistance.


         Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs up to 400 kV): TAPCON 230 & TAPCON 240/260.

         Power Quality Management (PQM).


4. MESSKO (MR) / Germany: 

(Pre-qualified in TAKREER )   



         Oil Level Indicators.

         Maintenance Free Dehydrating Breathers (MTraB).

         Mechanical Thermometers and Accessories.

         Pressure Relief Device (MPreC).

         Digital Thermometer (MTeC).


5. Phelps Dodge / Thailand:      

(Pre-qualified in TAKREER) 



         High Voltage Cables (33kV-132kV).

         Medium Voltage Cable (Up to 33kV).

         Low Voltage Cable (Up to 1000V).

         Communication Cables.

         Instrumentation Cables.

         Copper Conductors.

         Al & Alloy Conductors.


6. Lovink Enertech / Netherlands:



         Cable Joints and Cable Terminations for all types of Low and Medium Voltages Cables.

         Fluid silicone-filled Accessories LoviSil (MV).

         Integrated Prefab Accessories LoviQuick (MV).

         Silicone Push-on Accessories LoviFlex (MV).

         Cast-Resin Accessories LoviSet (LV).

         Taped Resin-injected Accessories LoviPress (LV).

         Heat-Shrink Accessories LoviTherm (LV/ MV).

         Protolin polyurethane resin.


7. Microsol / UK:



         UIS SCADA Systems for Power Utilities.

         XCell Real Time system, System Data Interface, Secure Network Manager and Remote Provisioning Manager.


8. Electro-Montagen-Burkhardt (EMB) / Germany:



         Control panels for Transformers Low Voltage Sector

         Medium Voltage Switchgears

         Medium Voltage Breaker Cubicles, complete Switchgears up to 30 kV

         Special Design Cubicles  for Transformer

         Machinery for Car Control Centers

         Annunciator Systems (Devices)

         Motor control Centers

         Automatic Transfer Switches, LV Sector

         Power distribution Boards

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